Buy Grow Token on Balancer

Grow Bank Official Token

Grow DAO Token Contract Official Address

Official contract address on the blockchain

DAI/Grow Exchange Protocol Address on Balancer

Log in to your Balancer account with a decentralized wallet (e.g. Metamask) and go to official exchange by the link

Grow DAO Token Exchange

Step 1. Choose the token through which you will exchange Grow for DAI, USDC, etc. (except USDT).

Step 2. If the Grow token is not displayed in the exchange list and search results, copy the contract address 0xb92c8d91172156dfea4ee54845b12ef2bee00c90 and paste it in the search window. The token will appear in the exchange list.

Example: ETH/Grow exchange

Choose the amount. You will see the exchange route and the amount of Grow tokens you will get. Make sure you have enough funds on your ETH wallet balance to pay for the transaction on the Ethereum network. Perform the exchange. You now have the unique GROW tokens.

P.S. If the coin is not displayed in the Metamask wallet after the purchase, scroll down to the Add Token button, click it, select Custom Token, and paste the Grow contract address 0xb92c8d91172156dfea4ee54845b12ef2bee00c90 into the Token Contract Address field.