Grow Bank
Integration with any banking acquiring processes to European accounts and cash withdrawals at any ATM in the world
Internet Marketing
Marketing agencies
Traffic arbitrageurs
Multilevel Marketing Companies
Aggregators of taxis, cars, apartments
Online Stores
Payment systems
Software developers
Freelance resources
Game Developers
Internet games
Online checkout
Adult resources
Offline business
Construction companies
Logistics companies
Real estate agency
Entertainment centers
Shopping centers
Services to the population
Car wash
Travel agencies
Gas station

Grow Fintech

White Label Bank

Big Data Center


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Grow Processing

1% commission from each paid transaction (both fiat and crypto) in the Grow bank network is converted to stable digital currency (USDT/USDC/DAI), hosted on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) smart contract and distributed by the smart contract to all the digital currency tokens issued by Grow Bank. This increases the GROW DAO value and secures the fair-rate of GROW token.

  • Online authorization and offline transactions
  • Detailed account statements
  • Product management workflow
  • Personalized profile integration
  • Clearing and settlement
  • Banking API integration
  • Cryptocurrency exchange API integration
  • PI integration
  • Flexible bank card settings
  • Multi-currency support
  • Minimum payment calculation guidelines
  • Commissions and payments calculation
  • User limits and restrictions
  • Loan repayment guidelines and arrears management procedures
  • Account statement template configuration and mailing services
  • Integrated accounting system
  • Using the existing parameters of card product templates
  • Creating, generating, and offering a product with a unique set of custom commissions, restrictions, limits, 3DS2 authentication
  • Fraud monitoring services, account statements generation, and banking disputes handling
  • Physical and legal entities programs
  • Loyalty programs and marketing solutions
  • Bank accounts maintenance and credit cards management in real time
  • Debit, credit, and virtual bank cards management
  • Clearing and settlement

Road Map

Internal payment system needed Developing IT infrastructure
Making decision on establishing a full-scale banking system Negotiating on buying out a bank in Switzerland having the bank license since 2004
October 2020: first bank buyout transaction Preparing the infrastructure and IT solutions for launching the e-bank
February 17, 2021: creating Grow DAO token, deploying contract February 18, 2021: placing token on the decentralized exchange Balancer
March 3, 2021: placing token on the centralized exchange Coinsbit March 3, 2021: launching affiliate program, introducing bank card pre-orders and account opening
Coming Soon
April 2021: bank launch April 2021: mobile app launch
First integrations with business partners Delivering first Grow bank cards and opening accounts
Actively connecting private partners and business partners SPO/IPO