Grow Affiliate Program

Grow World
Why Today Is the Best Time for GROW
Growing number of crypto users and high entry/withdrawal fees
Growing number of bank card (and cashless payment) users
Growing online payments (also due to COVID-19)
Growing need for cross-border transactions and high fees of conventional financial tools
Growing finance fraud
Growing governmental restrictions and low card limits
Grow Transforms the Image of the Bank!
Reliable: Swiss banking license, EMI, FCA
Demanded and friendly: virtual and plastic cards are now a corporate part of our life
Unique: the world's first bank that shares its incomes with all partners, by means of the proprietary Grow DAO token (token presentation link)
Innovative: direct purchases from bank cards with crypto or fiat of other countries, with instant conversions into the foreign country's currency
Bank Products
64 fiat currencies
20 cryptocurrencies
Instant exchange

Annual Service

  • Personal & Corporate Card €145.–
  • Personal & Corporate Account €1,450.–
10 Facts about Grow Cards
1 Free cards with FREE worldwide delivery
2 Visa/MasterCard
3 64+ fiat currencies and 20 cryptocurrencies supported
4 FREE deposits
5 0% fee for Grow card-to-Grow card transactions
6 1% fee for transactions to other banks and cashouts
7 Payments with any fiat currency or cryptocurrency with instant conversion
8 0.1-1% exchange fee (crypto-fiat, crypto-crypto, fiat-fiat)
9 Cashout limit: Ђ3,000/day
10 You will want to use it every day
User Support
Long-Term Partnership with Grow DAO
1% commission from each paid transaction (both fiat and crypto) in the Grow bank networkis converted to stable digital currency (USDT/USDC/DAI), hosted on a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) smart contract and distributed by the smart contract to all the digital currency tokens issued by Grow Bank.This increases the GROW DAO value and secures the fair-rate of GROW token.
Grow DAO 49%*
Total issue 100 mln coins
* % circulating in the market
Grow Is the New Age of the Banking Industry
Grow employs two development models. One of them is conventional and used by all global banks; the other is the affiliate model, which allows active users to develop and earn with Grow.
Grow uses two cooperation models to motivate active partners:
1. 22 %
Payouts to affiliates
Classic five-level affiliate system where affiliates earn on annual bank service fees and transactions (22% of the bank fees is distributed between the affiliates).
2. 80 %
Payouts to affiliates
Binary affiliate system where affiliates get the reward based on the sales in the least team (8% of the revenue is distributed between the affiliates, depending on their respective ranks).
Grow is For Everyone
Crypto Community
Offline Business
Online Business
Both individuals and legal entities (which can open business accounts and deploy online acquiring) can be affiliates.
Mutually beneficial cooperation is promising not just to seasoned, team-managing partners from the network industry, but also partners having a circle of business connections.
Grow Classic Affiliate Program
A. From every purchase and every transaction that are subject to the bank's fee, affiliates (5 levels deep) receive rewards
22 %
1 level 10%
2 level 6%
3 level 3%
4 level 2%
5 level 1%
Each of your affiliates is assigned to you forever. The more frequently the affiliate uses Grow services, the greater the passive income.
Grow Binary Affiliate Program
B. In the binary affiliate system, there are two branches; every affiliate can only connect two other affiliates to their first line.
The binary bonus depends on the weak line's revenue and recipient rank.
The revenue is formed from Commissionable Volume (CV). CV = 100% of the product cost. CV is often called "weight": user weight (total amount of purchases) or branch weight (products purchased by all users in the left and right binary branches).
The amount of the binary fee is set as a percentage of CV and depends on the recipient rank and limits:
Affiliate limit: The user can only get a bonus if each of their binary branches at any depth has at least one direct affiliate.
Daily limit: The user can only get a limited amount of the binary bonus. Depends on the recipient rank.
C. Ranks and limits
8 %
Personal invited partners
Weak branch, PV
Daily limit
Bonus %
Both individuals and legal entities (which can open business accounts and deploy online acquiring) can be affiliates.
Mutually beneficial cooperation is promising not just to seasoned, team-managing partners from the network industry, but also partners having a circle of business connections.
Become a Partner
Join the Affiliate Program
by following the link from the affiliate who invited you
Buy the Company's Product and Get
an affiliate link to share it with friends
Use the Features and Earn
Build your affiliate network connecting your business partners
Partners and leaders should consider connecting corporate partners: you will get 10% of all the company's transactions. Quite promising.
Processing & Acquiring for any Business
High-risk project and gambling
Online casino
Binary options
Sports betting
Dating websites
Online business
Marketing agencies
Traffic arbitrage
Multilevel marketing
Taxi, car selling, apartment rental services
Online stores
Payment systems
Software developers
Freelance resources
Game developers
Online games
Online cash registers
Adult resources
Offline business
Construction companies
Logistics companies
Real estate agencies
Recreational centers
Shopping malls
Public services
Movie theaters
Car wash stations
Travel agencies
Gas stations
* High-risk project processing without any chargeback to European account
Road Map
Internal payment system needed Developing IT infrastructure
Making decision on establishing a full-scale banking system Negotiating on buying out a bank in Switzerland having the bank license since 2004
October 2020: first bank buyout transaction Preparing the infrastructure and IT solutions for launching the e-bank
February 17, 2021: creating Grow DAO token, deploying contract February 18, 2021: placing token on the decentralized exchange Balancer
March 3, 2021: placing token on the centralized exchange Coinsbit March 3, 2021: launching affiliate program, introducing bank card pre-orders and account opening
Coming Soon
April 2021: bank launch April 2021: mobile app launch
First integrations with business partners Delivering first Grow bank cards and opening accounts
Actively connecting private partners and business partners SPO/IPO